Manage Your Treasury on Aera

Aera is a protocol that DAOs can use to deploy treasury management strategies that grow with markets while covering downside risk.

How it Works



DAOs access a unique, customized, self-custodial Aera vault where they can deposit token reserves.


Third-party Guardians have the ability to suggest adjustments to the composition of a DAO’s Aera vault across a set of approved assets in order for the DAO to optimize treasury funds based on market conditions.


Our dashboard stats show the composition of the vault, so that you can see how your vault is performing. Withdraw your funds on-chain using our dashboard or by writing an event-based script that triggers withdrawal.

Aera outperforms existing vault solutions in every market scenario

Aera is able to outperform alternative vault solutions by better covering insolvencies while nominally growing across a range of market scenarios.

Aera secures protocols so you can push the limits

Each Aera vault is constructed on a per-protocol basis and can hold a combination of stablecoins, native tokens, and other cryptocurrencies. A DAO or treasury can create an Aera vault to optimize for a publicly known KPI (objective function), i.e. insolvency coverage. A network of Vault Guardians creates off-chain models to ensure that this objective function is optimized for and when they are doing a good job, gets paid a fee from the vault for doing so.