Optimal treasury management on Aera

Aera is a protocol to deploy sophisticated onchain treasury management strategies, all without burdensome rebalancing governance.

How it Works



Open a isolated, noncustodial Aera vault where you deposit token reserves.


Guardians monitor and recommend adjustments to a vault composition, continuously optimizing treasury funds based on market conditions and using only approved assets.


Aera automatically protects your treasury, so you can focus on growth. Treasuries also retain immediate access to funds, as onchain withdrawals can be made using the app (or by writing an event-based script to trigger withdrawal).

Aera protects your treasury, so you can focus on protocol growth

Each Aera vault is an isolated smart contract that can hold a combination of stablecoins, governance tokens, and other onchain assets. Any onchain treasury owner can create an Aera vault to optimize for a strategic objective. Vault Guardians use off-chain models to ensure this objective is continuously optimized.

Aera mechanism diagramAera mechanism diagram