Future-proof your onchain treasury

Aera Treasury vaults allow you to set and forget your treasury strategies. Use Aera to set a treasury objective to maximize yield, automate operations, grow liquidity, and more.

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Robust onchain treasury capabilties


Fully Automated

No need to plan strategies, just pick assets and minimize friction. Guardians handle all onchain execution once you’ve allocated into your vault.


All transactions occur onchain and are auditable on Aera’s public vault dashboard. Monitor your vault performance directly on the platform.

Security first

Built by Gauntlet. Audited by Spearbit and OpenZepellin. Ongoing, highly competitive bug bounties for security assurance.


Your funds are always in your control. Only the vault owner can withdraw or deposit. Vault owners establish allowlists of assets and protocols the vault can interact with.

All-in-one solution for treasury operations & fund management.


Volatility Targeting

Minimizes treasury volatility by dynamically rebalancing assets via optimized execution in response to changing market conditions.

Stablecoin Strategy

Stablecoins are deposited across several lending protocols and automatically rebalanced to maximize yield while minimizing risk.

ETH Yield

Deposit idle ETH into battle tested blue-chip lending protocols to generate yield above the staking rate via leverage.

Protocol Owned Liquidity

Bootstrap liquidity with protocol-owned assets to encourage DeFi adoption by reducing slippage, increasing volume, and generating fees.

Driven by best-in-class DeFi research

Aera hired the economic research experts at Gauntlet, and smart-contract engineers at Auditless, to design and build DeFi's most capable, cutting-edge decentralized treasury management protocol.
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The Aera vision

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Launch (2023)

Active, risk-aware asset management with two-asset vault (ETH and USDC)
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Scale (2024)

Multiple vault guardians (experienced risk analysts), multi-asset vaults, and vault guardians working towards publicly known objective

Decentralize (2025)

Fully decentralized treasury management, with a network of vault guardians who compete and earn rewards for proposing the best strategy