Effortless treasury management for DAOs

Aera is the world’s first noncustodial, autonomous, continuously rebalancing treasury management protocol.

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Advanced onchain treasury capabilities

Designed for seamless compatibility with DAO governance

Smart, data-driven strategies

Customize treasury allocation to match strategic goals like stability, yield, runway extension, or token diversification. DAOs now can focus on enabling community outcomes rather than tactically managing assets.

Frictionless governance

DAOs vote onchain to select an Aera strategy and commit funds to a segregated vault. Aera then autonomously rebalances to track the strategy, without subsequent maintenance and governance burdens.

Security first

Maintain full control of treasury assets with an audited, noncustodial, fully onchain solution. Allow-listing of assets and rebalancing protocols ensures DAO funds run only through preapproved smart-contracts.

Easy monitoring and withdrawal

With treasury performance dashboards displaying and interpreting onchain data, and no withdrawal lockups, DAOs maintain realtime awareness and unencumbered control of their assets.

Aera offers numerous strategies optimized for achieving DAOs' long-term goals.



Aera’s diversification strategies optimize governance token holdings with minimal price impact, to ensure you have sufficient reserves in stablecoins or other priority assets,

Risk awareness

Aera’s volatility-targeting strategies enable your DAO to manage treasury with granular control over the level of risk and volatility.

Yield generation

Aera's offers various strategies to use DAO assets to generate yield. From simple lending to advanced levered ETH staking, Aera unlocks the ability to responsibly grow and sustain your treasury indefinitely.

Protocol liquidity

Aera's protocol liquidity strategies can be used to support user onboarding by maintaining a target level of dedicated, protocol-owned liquidity.

Driven by best-in-class DeFi research

Aera hired the economic research experts at Gauntlet, and smart-contract engineers at Auditless, to design and build DeFi's most capable, cutting-edge decentralized treasury management protocol.
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The Aera vision

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Launch (2023)

Active, risk-aware asset management with two-asset vault (ETH and USDC)
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Scale (2024)

Multiple vault guardians (experienced risk analysts), multi-asset vaults, and vault guardians working towards publicly known objective

Decentralize (2025)

Fully decentralized treasury management, with a network of vault guardians who compete and earn rewards for proposing the best strategy